The Hidden City

Hidden City

The Hidden City is available now.  If you’re Canadian, the price is 24.95, the US price (but in CDN dollars), rather than the 30.00 CDN it was solicited at. 
If you’re australian, it’s available at Galaxy Books. For more, because it has to fly half-way across the world. 
The Hidden City is the first book in the House War series.  It’s actually the earliest of the novels, chronologically speaking, that are set in this universe.  It’s also my very first hardcover — and the jacket is absolutely stunning; jpegs don’t capture the feel of it. 
I am playing a bit with wordpress because I’m aware that I don’t update official news very often, but the lack of <br> as a feature in editing has caused me an ulcer’s worth of grief.  I do not know much html.  What little I do know is apparently not entirely relevant to wordpress.  We have exchanged words (well, I swear at wordpress and it gives me the cosmic raspberry) to little effect, but I hope to have some of the kinks ironed out some time soon.
In the meantime, if you find your way here, I’ll answer any questions you want to leave in the comments.  Because that much, I’ve been able to figure out how to do… 

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