Cover for Cast in Fury

Cast in Fury
This is the cover for the forthcoming Cast in Fury, an October 2008 release from Luna Books. The cover itself came in the mail with the line-edits/copy-edits for, oddly enough, the same book, and I’ve been reading those.

Which made me think of the stages of a book. Because I have a severe sensitivity to outlines, I will do almost anything to avoid writing them. This would include writing the whole book first. Because all writers work in their own unique ways, this isn’t meant to be prescriptive, and it’s not meant to offer advice; it’s just a statement of what I do.

So… in my case, I basically sit down, over a period of several months, and write the book. This would include all the hair-pulling, all the revisions and editing, that go into writing a book before it’s submitted. After I write the book, I submit it to my publisher (in this case, Luna), and I go on to think about and start a different book. But some months after I’ve submitted a book, I will hear back from my editor. My editor will point out certain infelicities in clarity (I am, of course, being kind to myself here), and allow me to revise the manuscript before it’s line-edited. It will then be sent out to a copy-editor. I won’t see the original line-edit until after the copy-editor has also done a pass through the book, at which point, the book will be sent back to me with all of the editing and copy-editing marks.

At this stage, I go through the manuscript again, and I look at all the queries — because sometimes copy-editors will catch things like eye colour changes (I am not, sadly, very good at this. I knew my husband for several years before I realized that he had blue eyes. I am not, unfortunately, making this up, and this lack of awareness on my part does translate into fiction because it’s something I have to consciously reach for unless the eye colour is an integral part of character). I will also look at other changes, and sometimes I will change things back to the original.

On the whole, though, I don’t, because on the whole, copy-editors are very, very helpful people. When I’ve finished going through this, I will pack up the pages with red ink (mine) and send them back to my editor (or in this case, her assistant). The changes are incorporated and the book then goes to production. I am not entirely certain in the case of Luna at which stage a font is chosen, so I’m not sure which department does that. But after it goes to production, I will get what Harlequin calls page proofs, but which are not quite that.

They are the book, in standard manuscript font (12 pt. courier) with line numbers beside each line of text. At this stage, I am proof-reading and catching any typos that might have been missed or introduced when the other edits were keyed-in. I will not see the actual, printed book page until I have the book in hand, although I believe in-house there are proof-readers who will get a print out of the actual page proofs as well. 

So, I am not yet done with Cast in Fury.  I have one more read-through after this, at which point, the book will be complete on my end.

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  1. Jen
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 23:40:41

    I love the cover. I cannot wait to have this book in my greedy little hands. Thanks for writing such wonderful books with intriguing characters.


  2. Michelle
    May 06, 2008 @ 04:21:39

    Thanks for writing such wonderful books with intriguing characters.

    Thank you :).

    I actually like the mass market paperback covers for books 2 and 3, but I haven’t scanned those; they’re almost exactly the same as the trades, but there’s a difference of detail in Cast in Courtlight.


  3. michelle g.
    May 09, 2008 @ 07:29:31

    I confess I am quite obsessed with this series of yours. I was so entralled that I did something I simply detest doing…I skipped a book in the series! I couldn’t help myself. I read the first book and went back to my library to check out the second. they didn’t have it but they had cast in secret. I just finished it like fifteen minutes ago and I jumped online immediately to order cast in courtlight and now I can’t wait to read this next edition either. I know I am rambling but I love reading a book and then sitting back afterward with a smile on my face wondering at what will next become of the characters and their lives. all of the characters are so intriguing but I reeeeaaaallllly need to read the second book. I had lots of questions gnawing at my mind as I was reading. my own fault. anway you are awesome. never stop writing…and can you make kaylin kiss severn…or nightshade…omg or did she?? see I know nothing! ah……ok, I will shut up now.


  4. Michelle
    May 10, 2008 @ 05:34:24


    You definitely don’t need to shut up :).


  5. Vivienne
    May 19, 2008 @ 12:04:08

    I’m a self-confessed anorak as at this point I have read all the “Cast” books at least three times (the first one five times, sorry!). I think I empathise with Kaylin so much because she spends as much time as I do with her foot in her mouth. I like her flaws. I’ve enjoyed will-they-won’t-they relationships since the old, Moonlighting days (for those of you old enough to remember it)so the Kaylin/Severn, Kaylin/Nightshade thing never fails to capture me. The evil plot ferals in my mind have even forced me to try my hand at writing myself. Nothing half so grand as Elantra but it keeps me going until the next book. I am counting the months until the October release of Cast in Fury. Thank you for all your hard work. V x


  6. bonnie h
    May 19, 2008 @ 23:02:06

    I have all the hunt series books,the sun sword series, and the cast series,and the first house wars series. the only problem I have is that when I get them ,they are such a good read that I finish them to quickly and then have to wait for the next one to come out. which I have on order for the cast series. i have my mom and sister reading them too. I wish I wrote stories like you do,unfortunately I only have a great imagination and the ability to read very quickly. this is the first time I have written on a writers site before but I have e-mailed you and was thrilled when you answered were the first author I have ever e-mailed and I was very nervous.I have been reading for a long time and am very picky in what I read and I have enjoyed you books very much.


  7. Michelle
    May 20, 2008 @ 02:28:30

    this is the first time I have written on a writers site before but I have e-mailed you and was thrilled when you answered me.

    I remember feeling this way about writing to authors — the nervousness and the fear that I was somehow getting in the way. And I still feel that way sometimes, even though I know better now.

    Writers tend to write in isolation because, at least until you have a first draft, we almost have to. We open up the words to first readers and eventually our editors after we’ve gone as far as we can on our own.

    So it’s nice when there’s evidence that what we’ve worked on works for readers, and I have yet to meet an author of any stripe who is actively unhappy or disdainful of happy reader letters :).


  8. Michelle
    May 20, 2008 @ 02:30:46

    I’m a self-confessed anorak

    Today, I learned a new word :). Thank you for that! (I think it’s a word that is a good fit for almost every writer I’ve ever known, but we try hard not to let the compulsion overwhelm the story).


  9. bonnie h
    May 22, 2008 @ 01:20:02

    hi, I asked about book signing because I live in Quebec but if you could tell me the name of the book store you work at maybe I could have my sister to go there for me as she lives in Toronto and she is also a fan of yours.


  10. Michelle
    May 22, 2008 @ 02:10:47

    if you could tell me the name of the book store you work at maybe I could have my sister to go there for me as she lives in Toronto and she is also a fan of yours.

    The store is Bakka-Phoenix books, and SF/F store. We’re at 697 Queen St. West, one block west of Bathurst on the south side of the street; the phone number at the store is 416 963 9993. I only work on Fridays and Saturdays, though.


  11. bonnie h
    May 22, 2008 @ 22:46:30

    Hi. it is me again. When I read your answer my 13 year old daughter was standing behind me and she told me to chill out mom, your acting like a nerd who just found the mint condition comic book he was looking for. I thought you might get a kick out of that since you have kids of your own.


  12. Michelle
    May 22, 2008 @ 22:54:44

    When I read your answer my 13 year old daughter was standing behind me and she told me to chill out mom, your acting like a nerd who just found the mint condition comic book he was looking for.

    LOL! I have two boys, and my oldest, at least, would probably be very, very similar :). (My oldest is fourteen, and is a big Order of the Stick and d20 aficionado).


  13. Dee
    May 25, 2008 @ 10:49:35


    I just re-read (for the sixth time) Cast in Secret. I absolutely adore the series, I was a little iffy about reading the first book, the back blurb made me think it was another regurgitated generic elves and wizards story, but fortunately I have a great bookstore and the owner knows me and my tastes very well, if she highly recommends a book to me I know that I’m at least going to enjoy it, and occasionally I fall in love. I definately fell in love. I’ve also managed to hook six other people onto the series, all of who even bought their own copies!!

    You have created some of the best characters I have read, Kaylin is the perfect heroine because she is such a real person, complete with flaws and irritations, and in Lord Nightshade the most enigmatic hero/anti hero it has been my pleasure to read about in many years.

    As I live in New Zealand I have to buy copies of your books imported from the US, they are terribly pricey this way, but worth each and every cent. I am eagerly and impatiently awaiting Cast in Fury. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment your books have given me.


  14. Michelle
    May 25, 2008 @ 12:46:19

    I have a great bookstore and the owner knows me and my tastes very well, if she highly recommends a book to me I know that I’m at least going to enjoy it, and occasionally I fall in love.

    Thank the owner for me :).

    As I live in New Zealand I have to buy copies of your books imported from the US, they are terribly pricey this way, but worth each and every cent.

    There are also Australian editions, which I think would be cheaper, but Cast in Fury is a November 2008 release from Luna in Australia (an October release in the US). I know it’s cheaper to buy the ones published/printed in Australia — they don’t have the exorbitant shipping costs that the North American version does.


  15. windmere
    Jun 17, 2008 @ 01:37:54


    I just love this series it is so unique. You add an additional level with the children being psychologically abused, and survivors of horror. Why did you add this? Have you personally dealt with this, or witnessed child abuse/neglect? This adds such a layer that kaylin has to deal with. Additionally, its interesting her relationship with both Lord Nightshade and Severn. Are you going to add more dimensions to both of them by giving insight into their years when Kaylin wasn’t there? For Severn, after he’d left…
    I really enjoy your novels, with the only problem being they don’t get done soon enough. Sadly, I’m one of those who opens their xmas gifts early!


  16. Jean Uldall
    Jul 21, 2008 @ 00:12:13

    July 20, 2008
    5 p.m. PDT


    This is the first time I’ve written to an author and hesitate to call you Michelle, although I’m thinking of you as I would a friend; I often think of books as friends also. and don’t like to leave them.

    I am already a big fan of yours, though I’ve just recently read for the first time a book written by you! You were introduced to me by a friend who allowed me to borrow his copy of “Hidden City.” It is the most interesting, exciting, and creative book I’ve read in a long time. (I could add many more laudatory adjectives but don’t want to take up too much of your time.) Reading is and has been my favorite hobby since childhood.

    I was so fascinated with your book that I immediately ordered seven more and hope to be able to obtain them all somehow and, preferrably, read them in order. More than once I read “Hidden City” until 2 a.m., lingering lovingly over your words.

    Thank you for now being a part of my life.


  17. Jayne Hoogenberk
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 17:20:07

    Hi Dee, I don’t know if you’ve tried eBooks but all of our Harlequin titles are published in this format at the same time they are published in print. So you could purchase and download any of Michelle’s titles from our website and skip the shipping etc if you prefer. Cast In Fury will be available in October in our online bookstore and the book will be featured here:

    Michelle, I hope you don’t mind the intrusion, we’re featuring you in a discussion in our Community in October and I was looking for a cover of Cast In Fury and found your discussion boards.

    Jayne Community Manager


  18. bonnie holmes
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 00:12:49

    i just received cast in fury today and boy were the others in the group although i am only half way through it, i am enjoying it immensely. it is an early by 7 days birthday present so thank you very much. ican’t wait for house name to come out. any date yet. possibility?


  19. Erin
    Oct 03, 2008 @ 18:26:49

    I absolutely love this series, I was a complete psycho reading this book as soon as it came out. Now I will have to go back and read the rest of the series again to tide me over till next year.


  20. Linda
    Oct 15, 2008 @ 23:45:48

    I just finished reading Cast in Fury and found that it was just a good as the previous books in the series. I love the story lines in each one and already look forward to the new book in 2009. I hope it won’t be late 2009 as I’m already waiting for it to come out.


  21. Judy
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 04:21:19

    I have a question about your “The Sundered Series.” I know that this particular of yours is old, but I was wondering if you are planning to republish the last 2 books of the series?

    I haven’t read the series yet, but it has been recommended to me and it sounds really interesting, but then I found out that book 3 and 4 are out of print and the prices for them are just a bit too much for me.

    I would love to read the whole series if I can find book 3 and 4. Do you know perhaps?

    It is such a pity that I didn’t find out about this series until now where two of the books are now out of print. T________T


  22. Mia
    Dec 03, 2008 @ 11:31:49

    Hello there from Melbourne,

    Well…you’ve done it now. Being such an avid reader of fantasy since I was wee child, I think you’ve ruined me for other fantasy writers.

    I’ve grown so obsessive over your ‘Cast’ series that my local library think I’m seriously unhinged (I beg to differ though – I mean, does re-loaning your series for the last month (okay, so it’s closer to two months) so that I can read them time and time, even taking them with me on my short holiday to Sydney, sound at all psychotic to you???)

    I even jumped out of my sickbed (nasty cold going around at work) to wobble my way through the city to the only bookstore that held ‘Cast in Fury’ Perhaps it was the madness in my eyes that forestalled the sales person’s spiel about what a brilliant buy I was making but I think it was the growling noises rumbling from my congested chest. It wasn’t pretty.

    I love your storytelling style – especially when it comes to Lord Nightshade (my favourite character), Kaylin is definitely worthy of him!

    Thankyou for making my world more magical with characters I will never forget.



  23. Chelsea
    Dec 30, 2008 @ 03:02:17

    I am sooooooo excited, i couldn’t believe it when I was searching on the internet and this came up… Oh my goodness, i’m going to have to go shopping tomorrow and see if I can find it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A big thanks to you Michelle, I love your series and recommend it to everyone. It’s rare I enjoy a book as much as I have enjoyed yours. I had the first one for two weeks from my library and I read it over 20 times, and enjoyed it every time. Anyway I probably sound like a freak, but I really do enjoy reading your books. The fourth ones sounds soooo interesting, I love everything about your style of writing, it’s detailed but not overly heavy and the interplay between all the characters esp Kaylin/Nightshade/Severn is wonderful.



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