Writing progress, and update

No pictures this time. I don’t have a camera. My husband has the scanner (at his office).

I’m about halfway through House Name, which is the tentative title for the second book of House War.

I’m laying out background information for Cast in Silence, the fifth Cast novel.

My job for next week is to read through a couple of stories, and then read through chapter one of everything I have in an electronic format (which, unfortunately, doesn’t actually include any of the Sundered books because I had those backups on floppies and they were unreadable many years later =/. But I hope to clean up the mistakes that weren’t copy-edited out of existence in the finished books, and then to have first chapters available here for downloads, as samples of the book.

But: I added an interviews page, and also an upcoming appearances page. Because they have no pictures. >.>.

All right.  Back to the book now.

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