State of the Writer

I wanted to thank the people who’ve taken the time to visit and comment here in the last couple of weeks. I have had one younger child birthday party, one twentieth wedding anniversary gathering (mine), and older child exams (which, to be fair, are mostly my long-suffering husband’s task), so I’ve been absent from almost anything but writing.

I have, however, been writing.

I’m halfway through Cast in Chaos. A small change seems to have been made to the cover of Cast in Silence on

I sent the entire manuscript for City of Night to my editor at DAW about five minutes ago. I tried to send it six minutes ago, and realized that it’s very helpful to actually attach the file.

I know I said I was splitting the book, so in theory, the first half was finished. But because I could split the book, I could add an epilogue. And a few necessary Duster scenes. And a couple of other scenes which, on reread, seemed necessary as well. I ended up adding about fifteen thousand words.

Now, I’m starting House Name, and it seems to be missing something that could qualify as Chapter One. It has many chapters, although it’s not actually finished yet, but the chapters that currently exist in the position of Chapter One are actually good middle-of-book chapters and bad Chapter Ones.

My record of pages written before finding the correct Chapter One is about two hundred, on the other hand.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julie Whitesong
    Jun 10, 2009 @ 22:59:25

    June is a tiring month for all. What with high school and college graduations, weddings, etc. All is well :)


  2. Kim
    Jun 11, 2009 @ 19:19:14

    I’m happy you’re doing well! Because it sounds like you are busy, but well : ) ood luck on everything you’re working on, and I haven’t read all your books, but I absolutely love your Cast books :) And i was worried there might not be more, but the post that said you were having several more completely made my day. So thanks for that, and thanks for the new website : )


  3. Megan
    Jun 12, 2009 @ 01:49:52

    Hey Michelle!! Happy Anniversary!! 20 yrs=long time
    I’m so glad you’ve been working on Cast in Chaos…is it going well so far? I hope so….And let me take a moment to beg & plead for the Cast in Silence excerpt: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Oh PLEASE!! Your greedy Cast fans (like moi) are eagerly awaiting it (*grin*)!!


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