Polaris 2009 schedule

This is a bit late, for which I apologize, and it’s probably not of interest to anyone who isn’t already attending the convention, but my schedule for the weekend at Polaris 2009 is as follows:

Print book vs E-book
E-book sales have been steadily increasing over the past few years. Will they endanger physical, paper books, or is there room for both? What are the advantages of e-books and print books?
Panelists: Anna Hatton, Timothy Carter, Michelle Sagara West, Stephen B. Pearl
Scheduled day/time: Friday 9:00 PM

Female superheroes. The few, the love interests, the female versions of male superheroes…
A few years ago Sequential Tart asked their readers to submit a list of top ten favourite female superheroes. Rules: Superheroes, not just comic book characters; no female versions of male characters (a la Supergirl); not created as a love interest; hero, not villain. Most readers couldn’t come up with ten. We know comics are more than superheroes, but it’s how most people think of them and until women have a voice they’ll always be less than they could be.
Panelists: Gemma Files, Clare Moseley, Michelle Sagara West
Scheduled day/time: Friday 10:00 PM

Table Top vs. Desktop: End of an Era?
Once in the far off lands of basement, people gathered socially, rolled their die, and sought quests completed. And then came the MMO. Has the cyberworld defeated the real? Has the Mighty Mouse quashed the pencil? Or is there still hope?
Panelists: Michelle Sagara West (M), Jessa Toomer, Stuart Kenny, Margaret-Anne Park
Scheduled day/time:Saturday 11:00 AM

Scheduled day/time: 3 p.m. Saturday

I loved that when I was a kid!
There are books that we loved as children that upon rereading are horrible, or contain messages we were never aware of. Other times they are still great or even better. Does this affect what you recommend or give as gifts? Is it because these books are bad, or just well focused? Is anything truly universal, and should that be a writer’s goal?
Panelists: Margaret-Anne Park, R.J. Anderson, Deanna Toxopeus, Michelle Sagara West
Scheduled day/time: Saturday 6:00 PM

Scheduled day/time: 12:30 p.m. Saturday

Reacting To Abrams Trek
With reactions to the new Trek film ranging from “OMG u r so brilant!” to “How about I re-imagine your face!?”, surely a discussion panel is warranted. Surely. Did the film live up (or down) to your expectations? Did Zachary Quinto adequately fill Leonard Nimoy’s pointed ears?
Panelists: Nancy Coulter, Vickie Kostecki, Michelle Sagara West, Chris Milloy, Patrick Mazerolle
Scheduled day/time: Sunday 5:00 PM

I hope to see some of you there!

(Cross-posted as well to the LJ).

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kim
    Jul 17, 2009 @ 23:19:18

    Hi Michelle! I absolutely love your Cast books, and thanks for the chapter! (we’re going on vacation august second, but going to a bookstore August first… *sigh of relief*)

    I just had a quaetion –
    I might have missed it, but I haven’t notice Catti, Tain, or Teela lately. Catti was in Cast in Secret, but I didn’t notice them in Cast in Fury.
    Can you tell me what’s going on with them? (Teela isn’t stuck at Court, is she?)

    thanks! : )


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