It’s spring. Except for the snow.

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent, because so many of you have left me messages on the blog, and they’ve been so encouraging and so supportive, I’m beginning to feel as if I don’t deserve them if I can’t even find the time to answer them. Please accept both my gratitude for the time you’ve taken to tell me how you feel about my books, and please, please, please don’t think that my on-line absence means I truly don’t care.

March break in Ontario came and went, but during the break, I had to review the copy-edited manuscript of Cast in Chaos and finish a novella, “Cast in Moonlight”, for the upcoming Harvest Moon anthology. I believe it’s an October title; Chaos is scheduled for August of 2010.

I’ve also been doing final revisions on House Name, because they were very necessary and I was just too close to the book by its end to be able to do them well. I set it aside and began work on the tentatively titled Skirmish, which is the first of the House War books that take place in the current time-line, but I’ve got enough distance now to see what is, and what isn’t, necessary. It’s longer than City of Night, and it closes the section of the den’s past.

If anyone wants to ask me a question here, at the end of this post, I’ll do my best to catch it an answer it :).

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