Books of the Sundered

The Book of the Sundered was originally published by Del Rey books, in mass market paperback editions. These books are now out of print.

Into the Dark Lands. Del Rey, December 1991, 0-345-37232-8, 315 pages. Cover artist: Tom Stimson.
Children of the Blood. Del Rey, June 1992, 0-345-37621-8, 307 pages. Cover artist: Tom Stimson.
Lady of Mercy. Del Rey, June 1993, 0-345-37948-9, 339 pages. Cover artist: Tom Stimson
Chains of Darkness, Chains of Light. Del Rey, May 1994, 0-345-37949-7, 373 pages. Cover artist: Michael Herring.

BenBella Books began, in 2005, to publish the Books of the Sundered in trade paperback, under the name Michelle Sagara West. These editions are still available and can be ordered on-line from amazon, B&N, and directly from BenBella books.

Cover of Into the Dark LandsINTO THE DARK LANDS: First Book of the Sundered
by Michelle Sagara

Back cover: War has its cost, and the Servants of the Bright Heart and the Servants of the Dark Heart have been locked in a struggle that has defined life — and death — for millennia. But the end is coming, and only the Lady who has served the Bright Heart for the whole of her immortal life has seen it, in a vision that spans time and demands the highest of prices.

Erin is a healer, and against the nature of her birthright she has learned to wield a sword and use it to bring death to the enemies of her people. Scarred by the losses that war always demands, she is the chosen champion of Light and the enemy of darkness.

But no magical sword or simple quest awaits Erin. Her journey and her doom like in the Dark Heart’s stronghold, and in the hands of her people’s greatest enemy.

This reprint has a small, new introduction by Michelle as well.

Trade Paperback: BenBella Books, September 2005, 0-93210058-X, 315 pages. Cover artist: Mondolothic Studios Inc.
Cover of Children of the BloodCHILDREN OF THE BLOOD: Second Book of the Sundered
By Michelle Sagara

Back Cover: For three hundred years Lady Sara has slept, held by her Lord’s magic while he prepared the world for her waking.

Now the last of the lines has fallen, bringing at last the peace Sara had always desired, and Stefanos, First Servant of the Dark Heart, has summoned a slave to attend her waking, one who will give her comfort as he cannot — another of her blood.

Sara, once Erin of Elliath, the last of her line, wakes without memory of her life before, without knowledge that would warn her of the forces that threaten her from without. For the Dark Heart is not pleased with her return. And Stefanos, weakened by the rules his bond-mate set centuries before, is unable to stop the rising tide of darkness….

Trade Paperback. BenBella Books, April 2006, 0-932100-75-4, 307 pages. Cover artist: Mondolothic Studios.
Cover of Lady of MercyLADY OF MERCY: Third Book of the Sundered
by Michelle Sagara

Back Cover: Freed from the amnesia brought on by her long sleep, Lady Sara has reclaimed her true name, Erin of Elliath, and escaped her betrayer, Stefanos, the First Servant of the Dark Heart — Sara’s husband and Erin’s sworn enemy.

But the world has changed since she last walked it. Her friends are long dead, and those she was sworn to protect are enslaved. The Dark Heart has won.

With the help of the deposed crown prince of Marantine and the Patriarch of Culverne, Erin intends to free the people she failed so many years before. In doing so, she must prepare to face not only the forces of Marantine’s usurper king, but also the lover she cannot find it in herself to hate.

Trade Paperback: BenBella Books, Septempter 2006, 0-932100-92-X, 339 pages. Cover artist: Mondolithic Studios.
Cover of Chains of Darkness, Chains of LightCHAINS OF DARKNESS, CHAINS OF LIGHT: Fourth Book of the Sundered
by Michelle Sagara

Back Cover: After a fierce battle, Erin of Elliath and her comrades and her comrades have brought hope back to the Servants of the Bright Heart. The throne of Marantine has been reclaimed, and a new King rules the last remnants of Lernan’s people.

Within the lands of the Dark Empire, however, the power of the Bright Heart grows dim. The last stronghold of the Light, the well of Lernan’s power, is quickly draining in the shadow of the inexorable forces of Darkness. The High Priests compete for supremacy, and even the nobility of the Dark Empire has begun to feel the burder of their never-ending war. The First of the Sundered, Lord Stefanos, has returned, once again walking the night and devouring the innocent in mourning for his lost beloved — Lady Sara, Erin of Elliath.

Erin is determined to free the Light and release her long dead friends from the purgatory of the Dark Heart. She must once more journey into the heart of the Dark Lands to confront the legacy of Lady Sara and the inevitable destiny of the lines, forcing her heart toward a final confrontation with her most formidable and ancient enemy — the man she loves.

Trade Paperback: BenBella Books, April 2007, 0-933771-18-6, 384 pages. Cover artist: Mondolithic Studios.

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