Upcoming Appearances

I’ll try to keep this page updated. As might be obvious, I don’t get out of the house very often, but I do enjoy meeting people when I do.

January 20-22 2012: Epic Confusion. Detroit, Michigan

October 27-30 2011: World Fantasy Convention 2011. This is in San Diego this year; the membership is, however, already sold out (probably because Neil Gaiman is the GOH).

August 17-21st 2011: Renovation: the Worldcon 2011. In Reno, Nevada. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to attend the Worldcon after all.

Previous appearances:

July 22-24th 2011: Confluence 2011. Rob Sawyer is the GOH this year.

July 23-25 2010 Confluence 2010.  Peter Beagle!!

July 10-12 Polaris 23, in Toronto.

July 24-26 Confluence 2009, in Pittsburgh. (Yes, I like this convention).

August 6-10 Worldcon 2009, Anticipation, in Montreal.

July 25-27 Confluence 2008, in Pittsburgh.

August 6-10 Denvention 2008, in Denver.

October 3-5 Conclave 2008, in Ann Arbor Michigan, where I will be the writer Guest of Honor :D.

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