I am posting about ASD, my son, and school

For a variety of reasons, I’ve started to post on my Livejournal. There’s nothing about writing in those posts, and also no publication dates or information, but if anyone is reading here and has any interest in that subject, please drop by; feel free to comment there, or ask any questions.

Also: Page proofs for House Name have landed.

World Fantasy Convention

At almost the very last minute, I am going to Columbus, Ohio for the 2010 World Fantasy Convention. The dates are: October 28, 29 and 31. Because I am so tardy, and because I wasn’t certain I could go, I didn’t sign up for panels, so I won’t be on any, but at WFC, I believe only the Guests of Honor are allowed more than one panel.

But: I will be there, and probably lounging around the halls or the bar (and I don’t drink–but so many people gather in the bar, I often end up socializing there), if any of you are going!

And: Another post on the Galaxy website

In which I talk about writing stories set in the past. You can find it here.

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