Cast in Chaos has hit the streets

Cast in Chaos is now available for order at (some) on-line bookstores; it’s also made its way into at least one Borders. This probably means it will arrive in the bookstores that will carry it very soon.

The release or publication date was 1st August 2010, but that date is the date at which the book should be available in all of the various stores that are going to sell it (i.e. that preordered it). It has to ship before then in order to achieve this, and the result is that many places will have the book available before its projected date. Amazon and B&N used to have to wait to ship, but for the last two books (Silence and Chaos), it’s shipped earlier.

The funny thing about the book is that while it’s undeniably the latest or newest in the series, in my internal universe, the ‘most recent’ is the almost finished Cast in Ruin. If, for some reason, I’m discussing the latest novel and I say something that makes no sense in relation to Cast in Chaos, this is why. I once took a chapter of a Cast book for a reading–and only when I arrived a the convention did I realize that it was the wrong first chapter; it was two books ahead, instead of one, because the book I’d finished hadn’t yet been published.

I’ll be leaving early Friday morning to head to Confluence in Pittsburgh, so hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

House Name Preliminary cover

On 2010/07/07 at 02:10 hjbau Said: Do you have a cover for House Name? And if so, may i ask who is on the cover this time around?

Because you asked, it occurred to me that it had been a long time since I’d sent the manuscript to my publisher for Jody (A. Lee) to read, so I emailed my editor and asked her if, by chance, the cover had been finished. She replied quickly to say that it had, and that they would send me a .jpeg. I squeed. Yes, I’m too old for that sound, but sometimes it just can’t be helped. Guess what? I have a picture to post. It’s a preliminary cover, in that some of the type or design elements might change before the book is published — but the art won’t. I really like it; I’ve adored all of the covers she’s done, and I really like the covers for this series.

Updates to the Library: New chapters

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve taken tonight off–in a manner of speaking–in order to update the site a bit. I’m not a web-wizard; worse I have the image handling acumen of a shaved, armless baboon. Yes, sadly, this is an excuse.

But to make my excuses more palatable I’ve finally updated the series pages for The Chronicles of Elantra and House War, with the first chapters of the new books in either series. (I appear to have had to upload Cast in Chaos chapter several times because I’m not capable of cutting and pasting without cleaving off parts of the chapter in question. Yes, it’s been that kind of night…)

I’m as usual a tiny bit behind, but this is the current writing news:

House Name has already been turned in, and as of now, has a publication date of January 2011. Skirmish, the next book, leaps ahead to the year 427 in the Empire–and starts the day Jewel ATerafin returns home. That’s the book I’m currently writing, and it’s going very well; at the moment, it is all joy to write. It’s not, of course, in the home stretch, and I’m going to no doubt have days in which I pull out all my hair and bang my head against figurative plot and structure walls, but I’m enjoying it immensely while I can.

On the Elantra front, I’m pretty sure Cast in Ruin is in the home stretch. I’m also pretty sure that Kaylin will be going to the West March sometime very soon, but not in Ruin.

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