House Name is in the House, and an answer to the Kindle Question

Volume 03 of House War: House Name

House Name, the third of the House War foundation books, and the final book set in the early years of the den, is now in my house.  I would have posted sooner, but this particular holiday season, we were visited by the very long and very drawn out cold bug (I’d call it a ‘flu, but it seems to have hit all the people who were smart enough to have ‘flu shots as well). When I say ‘we’, I mean everyone but my husband (which would include my visiting sister, my parents, my children’s godparents–everyone). It was not an impressively productive holiday season, but I am now returning to life and to work.

And to email, which is so very, very backed up it would be funny only in a very particular kind of black comedy.

Which brings me to the second important point, which necessitates much, much grovelling. A number of Kindle readers in particular have written here or emailed me asking when House Name will be available on the Kindle. Because of this, I wrote to my publisher to ask. The answer?

Ummm. The answer was: did you sign and send in the amendment to the contract the legal department requires?

The what?

You know those moments of Oh My God horror when the world shifts under your feet and you experience the dreadful sensation of falling in the pit of your stomach, except you’re not actually falling so you won’t hit anything that will end the sensation anytime soon? Yes, this is one of those.

I mentioned the volume of backed-up email. The necessary amendment was in the backlog and I missed it. I didn’t know it was necessary or incoming, but that’s not an excuse, and as an explanation it’s very lacking, but has the single advantage of being true. So I have found it, printed it out, signed it, and overnight mailed it.

But I wanted to apologize and to grovel to everyone who’s been waiting for a Kindle release of this book, because this is entirely the fault of the author: me. It’s not the fault of my publisher, DAW, and it’s nothing that Amazon has any control over either, and I really wanted to make that clear: your disappointment or (justifiable) anger should be aimed at me, because I failed to notice the necessary amendment in time. I can promise you all I will never, ever do this again. (I now have a ‘pay attention to this you idiot’ filter.)

As soon as the amendment reaches the legal department, the Kindle version will go live.

In the meantime, and as an apology, if you email me at, I can send a chunk of House Name itself so you can start reading, because I expect the book should be available within the next few days. I think your email is logged when you post here, so you could also post here instead of sending direct email.

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